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Latest Domus News

Most Requested Features Update

We have updated the system with the following new features which were high up the list of feature requests:

  1. You can now switch a property from a Sale to a Let (and vice versa) from the Property Summary page. When you switch a property, it will be taken off the market so that you can make all the necessary changes and then put it back on the market when you are ready
  2. Properties can be archived and restored from the Property Summary page. Archiving a property will automatically take it off the market and archived properties will no longer appear in property lists
  3. You can now find a list of archived properties or customers by using the search box at the top of Domus. Run a search as normal, and then when the results appear there is now a radio button that allows you to search for only Archived or only Active customers/properties.
  4. Photos can now be reordered using drag and drop - click on the Reorder button in the Property Images tab
  5. We have increased the session timeout (automatic signout) from 60 to 120 minutes

Please add your comment in the Community forum if you have any feedback about this update.

Bring Your Tenant Referencing In-house

Tenancy Application Screenshot

The government has announced that they will be banning letting agents from charging fees to tenants.

It's time to think about how to make your business more profitable.

For example, why pay a referencing firm to reference your tenants when you can do it all in-house? We have recently released a number of features to help you do this including Tenancy Applications, Credit Reports and Identity Checks.

Tenancy Applications

Tenancy Applications allow you to assess the tenants in one simple view (see the screenshot above) which includes employment details, rent affordability and a credit report summary for each tenant.

You can easily manage your pending and completed applications by using the Applications list which you can find under the Letting tab.

Tenant Credit Report and Identity Check

Our Credit Reports and Identity Checks cost just 6.00, a huge saving on outsourced referencing companies. They allow you to check a tenant's credit history and validate their identity in seconds.

The reports include:

  • Credit Score
  • Identity and Residency Checks
  • Electoral Roll Checks
  • Alerts, Aliases and Financial Associates
  • Bankruptcy and Insolvency Checks
  • County Court Judgements
  • Checks on Previous Addresses

The data is sourced directly from the credit agency Equifax so you know you can trust it.

It's easy to start using these features straightaway, just look for Applications and Tenant References under the Letting tab.

Verify Your Customers in Seconds

We have just released several new features to allow you to quickly and conveniently verify your customers.

Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Checks

AML Check Screenshot

An AML Check helps you comply with the latest Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations.

The report includes checks across many different sources which makes it more thorough than manual ID checking.

Our AML Checks were developed with the guidance of the Joint Money Laundering Steering Group (JMLSG) and allow you to validate the identity of an individual in around 3 seconds.

Credit Report and Identity Check

Credit Report Screenshot

A Credit Report and Identity Check allows you to check a tenant's credit history and validate their identity in seconds.

You can use the report to quickly make a recommendation to the landlord or obtain further information and/or guarantors if required.

Find Out More

You can find out more and see example reports in the Verify Your Customer panel on the Sales and Letting pages.

Email Your Documents and Add Multiple Photos

Document Screenshot

We have just released several new features:

  • You can now email a link to a document to your customers from the Documents lists. This will email your customer an encrypted link to the document which they can view on a PC, tablet or smartphone
  • You can now add multiple photos to a property from the Images tab. Please bear in mind that the performance of this feature will depend directly on the speed of your Internet connection
  • If you have Domus Pro you can now view a customer's Online Account and see what they see
  • The customer's Online Account now includes a list of landlord's tenancies and vendor's property sales
  • The enquiries list on the Home and Enquiries pages now defaults to the enquiries for your branch

Please add your comments in the Forum if you have any feedback about these features.

New Enquiries Features

Enquiries Screenshot

We have updated the system with new Enquiries features. An enquiry is automatically added for new website registrations and Rightmove email leads (if you have the Rightmove real time feed set up).

You can see the enquiries on the home page and in a new Enquiries list. For each enquiry you can:

  • View the enquiry
  • Add a viewing
  • Edit the customer (for example so you can assign it to a user)
  • Mark the enquiry as Complete or Incomplete

It's a great time saving feature, especially if you get a lot of leads from Rightmove.

If you'd like to setup the Rightmove Realtime feed for your office, please email us at Unlike many of our competitors, it's included in your subscription so there's no extra fee to pay.

Rightmove Real Time Datafeed

We have updated the system with the following changes:

  • We have implemented the Rightmove Real Time datafeed which allows you to update your property data on Rightmove in real time. We are looking to test this with a few customers to start off with, so please let us know if you are interested
  • We've added a new Support page and best practice articles about residential sales, residential lettings and property management written by experts in the field
  • In Domus Pro, the payment dates shown in a Landlord Statement are now the date you set when the payment was entered, rather than the date they were entered on the system
  • When entering a date manually on an Event or Property Sale edit page, the year must now be 4 digits long.

Please add a comment in the Forum if you have any feedback about this update.

System Release Notes

We have updated the system with the following changes:

  • Event Notifications can now be sent to either the Applicant and/or the Vendor/Landlord
  • Property Sales list and Property Sale Summary page have a progress indicator of how far along the sale is
  • Property Sales that have Fallen Through or Completed can now be reopened
  • When a Property Sale is marked as Completed, the associated Offer is updated to 'Contracts Exchanged'
  • When an Offer is set to Accepted when you first add it to Domus, a Property Sale entry will be automatically created
  • You can no longer use [ or ] in a customer name or any part of an address as this affects document generation within the system

Please add a comment in the Forum if you have any feedback about this update.

Easily Manage Your Sale Chains

Property Sale Chains Screenshot

We have just added some great new features:

  • New sale chain features allow you to manage the chain for a property sale - see the Chain tab on a Property Sale
  • Offer Pipeline report has been renamed to Sale Pipeline and uses sale data instead of offer data
  • Sold Properties report has been renamed to Completed Sales and uses sale data instead of offer data
  • New Decline and Withdraw actions for Offers
  • Offers and Property Sales now have a currency code
  • Easy navigation between linked Offers and Property Sales
  • Domus Starter now allows only one person to be signed in
  • New set of icons with flat design

Many of these features have been based on feedback received from Domus users so we'd like to thank everyone who contributed. If you have any ideas or you'd like to see what others have suggested, please visit the Community page (link in top-right once you've signed in).


Animated Screen Display - New and Improved

The Animated Screen Display allows you to show a stylish slideshow of your properties on screens in your office or window display, helping your properties stand out even more.

We have recently improved our screen display templates to make them more eye catching and even quicker to set up then before.

All you need is an internet connection and web browser linked to your screen to run them from.

What do you get with the Animated Screen Display?

  • Customised to match your branding and colours
  • Cloud based, all you need is an internet connection and web browser linked to your screen
  • Easy setup - set it to full screen, turn off any screen savers and away you go
  • Links to either just your sales, lettings, or both at once
  • Hosting included in your Domus subscription so just a one off setup cost of 350

Pricing & Templates

If you have any further questions about our Animated Screen Display or wish to have one set up please call 0330 445 0145 or e-mail

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